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T09-S08 Project Development in a Carbon Free Future

This training session will examine how agencies can switch from traditional fossil fuel consuming technologies to lower carbon alternatives. Decarbonizing federal facilities will require a combination of efficient, clean, and high-performance technologies deployed through innovative partnerships. Energy resilience for federal facilities requires onsite distributed energy resources (DERs). Understanding the reliability of DERs is critical in designing and predicting the performance backup power systems.

ZEV City: Planning for EV Charging Solutions

With the increasing penetration of electric vehicles (EV), fleet managers, facility managers, energy managers, and contracting officers have a greater role to play in fleet electrification than ever before. Come participate in a small group interactive "Sim City" game to help plan for EV charging solutions on your site. Take the role of a stakeholder or "Sim" such as a fleet, facility, energy, or procurement manager involved in the fleet electrification process.