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ASHRAE Ventilation 2021

The Ventilation 2021 Conference takes place Aug. 15-18, 2021 at the Sheraton City Centre in downtown Toronto. Inaugurated in 1985, the "Industrial Ventilation Conference" takes place every three years allowing time to develop new research and technology applications and to document the findings. The conference has rotated locations and organizers between Europe, North America and Southeast Asia. The 2021 conference will be hosted by ASHRAE.

Why COVID-19 Raises The Stakes For Healthy Buildings

With the current state of affairs surrounding COVID-19 over-all healthy building design has become more important than ever before. Even before the pandemic struck, there were plenty of reasons to be concerned about air quality and ventilation in the buildings where we live and work. After all, healthier indoor environments don’t just keep us from getting sick—they also enhance cognitive performance. With this trend towards healthier building only projected to increase, the initial costs are far outweighed by the many benefits.