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Energy and Water Manager Best Practices: Project Planning, Team Building, and Tracking

This interactive training will educate learners about energy management best practices including the value of setting goals, developing a plan, identifying milestones, and documenting the tasks associated with those goals and milestones. During the training, you will discover why it's important to identify key stakeholders and core team members for each project or task and to get their support and buy-in.

Get Your Sites "ZEV Ready"

This training will provide resources on how to prepare federal sites for transition to zero-emission vehicles (ZEV). The training will describe the resources included in the ZEV Ready Center and interactively show how the ZEV Ready Tracker can better prepare federal sites for fleet electrification. It will also review how to become a "ZEV Ready" designated site by successfully completing the fleet electrification steps, filling out the tracker, and submitting it to the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) to obtain a certificate.