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BOMA Offers Post-Covid-19 Building Preparation Guidelines

BOMA International recently released its Getting Back to Work: Preparing Buildings for Re-Entry Amid COVID-19 report to offer guidance to building owners for preparing commercial properties for the safe return of office tenants, building personnel, visitors, vendors, and contractors. The report identifies planning, operational, and safety procedures as well as protocols that should be implemented, updated, or enhanced for the post-COVID-19 world. The guidance document provides a framework for phased development of individual property or portfolio plans.

Better Benchmarking for Lab Buildings

A typical laboratory is three to four times more energy intensive than an average commercial building and can account for up to 70% of a campus' energy footprint, making laboratories a key focal area for energy and carbon management strategies at universities, corporations, national laboratories, hospitals, and federal agencies. If all laboratory buildings in the country improved their energy efficiency by 20%, annual energy and cost savings could reach about 40 trillion BTUs and $1 billion. The U.S.