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How Healthy Buildings Can Help in the Fight Against COVID-19

BOMA International interviewed Dr. Joseph Allen, DSc, MPH, author of Healthy Buildings and the Post-Coronavirus Office Landscape on safely returning to facilities. The science is clear: the indoor environment has a major influence over people’s ability to think and solve problems. Dr. Allen argues that "the costs for a healthy building are downright trivial when you account for the human health benefits—both in terms of health and productivity."

GIS Systems Lead Response to COVID-19

The widespread use of GIS for COVID-19 response has demonstrated the power of geospatial thinking and the scalability, speed, and insight provided by GIS. More than simply mapping phenomena, GIS uses geography to furnish context for events in a common reference system. Applying spatial analysis tools, GIS brings out the relationships, patterns, and associations that are often hidden by the complexity of data. GIS has been critical to the ability of state and local governments to react to the pandemic.