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Disasters Collide: How the Pandemic Will Affect Response to Natural Disasters

Some reports indicate that the spread of the coronavirus will continue through this summer, indicating that social-distancing measures may be in place for several months. In this article, NIBS Multihazard Mitigation Council Chair Bryan Koon points out that the pandemic won’t stop other natural disasters from occurring, citing the recent earthquake in Salt Lake City. Spring flooding, tornadoes, and the first part of hurricane season will all occur before the number of COVID-19 cases dissipate.

Practice of Architecture: Architecture Firm Best Practices, Resources & Templates for Communications and Temp Policies for COVID-19

Practice of Architecture web site group is using the interconnectivity of GoogleDocs to create a living document that allows architects to share their experiences, resources, and best practices for navigating practice in this time of upheaval. Subscribers (it's free!) may contribute and get continual updates.