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Workplace Reimagined: COVID-19 Reshapes the Modern Office Experience

The American workplace has experienced more rapid, dramatic shifts in 2020 than it ever has before. But the real impact of COVID-19 on how millions of people work—and how they plug into a modern office—is still developing, say architects and real estate professionals who are not only navigating vast changes in their own businesses but also helping their forward-thinking clients plan for a post-pandemic world. The vast remote working experiment of 2020 has created new flows of information and conversation among employees.

Groundbreaking Nationwide Covid-19 Impact Study Finds Commercial Real Estate at a Critical Inflection Point

BOMA International, Yardi and Brightline Strategies announced today the release of key findings from the first in a series of nationwide commercial real estate COVID-19 impact studies. Commissioned by BOMA International, the study was underwritten by a grant from Yardi, a global real estate software company, and developed by Brightline Strategies, a leading real estate research and advisory services firm.