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ICC Provides Tools to Help Local Governments Advocate for Code-Related CARES Assistance

The International Code Council (ICC) has launched a Coronavirus Advocacy page, which includes links to a factsheet describing: CARES Act funding sources that can be used to fund code department virtual needs, which state/local governments are receiving how much of those funding sources, eligible activities, and how interested organizations can engage in those programs. The page also includes talking points for discussing how and why government recipients of CARES Act resources should direct funds to code departments for development of remote capabilities.

UL COVID-19 Support Center Highlights Real-Time Regulatory Changes and Updates to Enable Remote Audits

UL is offering a new COVID-19 Support and Service Center that’s designed to provide emergency response services to help businesses respond to the pandemic. The support center also offers UL updates related to the pandemic, including changes to enable remote audits and witnessed testing, resources to manage UL projects and follow-up service, and tools to highlight real-time regulatory changes and aid searches for alternative materials or components.