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Operations and Maintenance for Historic Structures Resource Page 11-08-2016
Outcome-Based Pathways for Achieving Energy Performance Goals Resource Page 10-31-2017
Passive Solar Heating Resource Page 11-11-2016
Photovoltaics Resource Page 01-30-2017
Phyto-Purification Systems Resource Page 08-11-2016
Planning and Conducting Integrated Design (ID) Charrettes Resource Page 11-19-2016
Playground Design and Equipment Resource Page 03-15-2017
Predictive Testing & Inspection (PT&I) Can Prevent Operational Interruptions Resource Page 08-02-2016
Psychosocial Value of Space Resource Page 06-06-2017
Reducing Air Changes Rates, Reducing Carbon, and Saving Energy in Research Laboratories Resource Page 08-16-2016
Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM) Resource Page 11-09-2016
Renovating Research Laboratories for Zero Carbon by 2030 Resource Page 08-12-2016
Residential Building Enclosure Resource Page 01-03-2017
Resiliency of Stationary Fuel Cells and the Natural Gas Grid Resource Page 08-03-2016
Retrofitting Existing Buildings to Improve Sustainability and Energy Performance Resource Page 08-15-2016
Retrofitting Existing Buildings to Resist Explosive Threats Resource Page 01-27-2017
Running a Design Competition Resource Page 08-02-2016
Security and Safety in Laboratories Resource Page 08-29-2016
Seismic Design Principles Resource Page 11-10-2016
Seismic Safety of the Building Envelope Resource Page 11-10-2016
Site Security Design Process Resource Page 09-13-2016
Smart Controls Resource Page 08-15-2016
Solar Ventilation Air Preheating Resource Page 11-15-2016
Solar Water Heating Resource Page 11-16-2016
Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) Resource Page 03-14-2017
Style Resource Page 06-05-2017
Sun Control and Shading Devices Resource Page 08-09-2016
Sustainability of the Building Envelope Resource Page 11-08-2016
Sustainable Laboratory Design Resource Page 08-19-2016
Sustainable O&M Practices Resource Page 11-09-2016
Teaching Laboratories: Building Community through Science Resource Page 06-08-2017
Therapeutic Environments Resource Page 09-22-2016
Threat / Vulnerability Assessments and Risk Analysis Resource Page 08-08-2016
Trends in Lab Design Resource Page 08-29-2016
UFC / ISC Security Criteria Overview and Comparison Resource Page 08-08-2016
Using LEED on Laboratory Projects Resource Page 08-17-2016
Value Engineering Resource Page 08-02-2016
Water Conservation Resource Page 11-07-2016
Windows and Glazing Resource Page 11-11-2016
Wind Safety of the Building Envelope Resource Page 06-15-2017
Wind Technology Resource Page 09-12-2016
Visitability Resource Page 10-30-2017
Achieving Results with a Mobile Infrastructure and Facilities Management System Resource Page 08-02-2016
Interior Design for Research Facilities Resource Page 02-24-2017
Historic Preservation - Additional Resources Resource Page 10-11-2016
Site Security Design Case Study Resource Page 09-13-2016
Window Film Fundamentals Resource Page 08-02-2016
Building Sciences Career Center Resource Page 03-02-2018
Strategies and Trends for Mid-Rise Construction in Wood Resource Page 03-10-2017
Life-Cycle Data Handoff: Guidelines for BIM Project Managers Resource Page 06-01-2017
Managing Enclosure Heat Flows Resource Page 06-09-2017
Building Resilience Resource Page 01-08-2018
Hazard-Specific Building-Resilience Considerations Resource Page 01-08-2018
Good Practices in Resilience-Based Architectural Designs Resource Page 01-08-2018
Building Resiliency: Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Resource Page 01-08-2018
Workforce Development Resource Page 11-20-2017
Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act (FBPTA) Individual Case Study Resource Page 01-08-2018
Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act (FBPTA) Program Case Study Resource Page 01-08-2018
Building Systems Efficiency Resource Page 07-12-2018
Design for Maintainability: The Importance of Operations and Maintenance Considerations During the Design Phase of Construction Projects Resource Page 08-01-2018
Transitioning a New Facility from Construction to Operations and Asset Management Resource Page 08-01-2018
National Flood Insurance Program Technical Bulletins Resource Page 04-09-2019
Atrium Space Type 12-04-2017
Auditorium Space Type 12-04-2017
Automated Data Processing: Mainframe Space Type 01-24-2018
Automated Data Processing: PC System Space Type 01-24-2018
Child Care Space Type 01-24-2018
Clinic / Health Unit Space Type 03-20-2018
Conference / Classroom Space Type 04-19-2018
Courthouse: Courtroom Space Type 03-08-2018
Courthouse: Enhanced Office Space Type 10-19-2018
Courthouse: Judicial Chamber Space Type 10-22-2018
Firing Range Space Type 11-01-2018
Food Service Space Type 11-15-2018
General Storage Space Type 02-04-2019
Hearing Room Space Type 01-08-2019
Joint Use Retail Space Type 01-08-2019
Laboratory: Dry Space Type 01-23-2019
Laboratory: Wet Space Type 02-04-2019
Library Space Type 05-27-2019
Light Industrial Space Type 11-05-2019
Loading Dock Space Type 11-05-2019
Lobby Space Type 11-08-2019
Mail Center Space Type 11-05-2019
Office Space Type 12-03-2019
Parking: Basement Space Type 12-04-2019
Parking: Outside / Structured Space Type 01-23-2020
Parking: Surface Space Type 01-16-2020
Physical Fitness (Exercise Room) Space Type 05-09-2016
Place of Worship Space Type 05-09-2016
Plaza Space Type 05-09-2016
Private Toilet Space Type 05-09-2016
Warehouse Space Type 05-09-2016
Space Types Space Type
Building Envelope Design Guide Systems & Specifications 11-08-2016
Building Envelope Design Guide - Introduction Systems & Specifications 11-08-2016
Below Grade Systems Systems & Specifications 11-08-2016
Foundation Walls Systems & Specifications 05-10-2016
Floor Slabs Systems & Specifications 05-10-2016
Plaza Decks Systems & Specifications 05-10-2016