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Little has more impact on our lives than the built environment around us. That built environment exists because of the professionals and skilled tradespeople from multiple disciplines that plan, design, construct, operate, and manage it. They focus on meeting important needs of citizens including providing sustainable, cost effective and safe environments for living, working, playing and learning.

Today's buildings-related professionals and tradespeople make use of cutting edge technology including building information modeling (BIM), computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS), smart controls and renewable energy systems such as solar photovoltaics and wind to deliver high-performance buildings.

For those students interested in pursuing building operations related careers, the Department of Energy, General Services Administration, National Institute of Building Sciences, the Consortium for Building Energy Innovation, Penn State University and Facility Engineering Associates have developed a career map for Building Operations Professional, Energy Auditor, Building Commissioning Professional, and Energy Managers. The Facilities Career Map demonstrates what possible careers look like in terms of sequential positions, roles, credentials, experience and education/training.

The information contained here is intended to provide an introduction to the various disciplines and opportunities within the buildings industry. You are encouraged to explore the rest of the Whole Building Design Guide and contact the organizations identified below for additional insight into career opportunities.

This career center supports the Mars City Facility Ops Challenge developed by the National Institute of Building Sciences, Total Learning Research Institute and National Aeronautics and Space Administration but provides tools for anyone considering a career in the buildings-related disciplines.

Building Science Disciplines


Architectural Programming

Building Scientist

Code Official

Commissioning Authority

Cost Estimating

Electrical Engineering

Fire Protection Engineering

HVAC and Refrigerating Engineering

Information Technologies Engineering

Interior Design

Landscape Architecture

Lighting Design


Plumbing Engineering


Structural Engineering

Sustainability Specialist

Welding / Welding Engineering


Major Resources

Industry STEM/STEAM Education Initiatives