AEI FORUM 2022  

04-07-2022 to 04-08-2022

Virtual Meeting

The Architectural Engineering Institute (AEI), in partnership with the University of Texas at Arlington, is pleased to announce the 4th Biennial AEI Forum, MEGA CITY 2070: The Future Vision of Urban Infrastructure: Addressing the Impacts of Growth, Development and Urbanization in the Building Industries. This theme provides a framework for the profession to understand, explore and challenge the IMPACTS of growth, development and urbanization.

While many have benefited from the tremendous growth and urbanization in many US cities, the impacts are significant in every aspect of our lives. This forum will allow representatives across the building industries to explore and discuss these impacts.

The Forum will feature presentations from industry experts that tie into the theme with topics on intelligent environment, structures/disaster mitigation, energy, education, ethics in structures and energy and a keynote presentation on ASCE's Future World Vision, Mega City 2070.