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Fundamental instructions to the A/Es describing construction and technical design requirements and guidelines in the development of contract documents for specific VA projects. Disciplines have developed individual design manuals and may have a design manual that is available for a specific type of facility (i.e. nursing home).

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Equipment - Hospital Projects   06-01-2006  PDF
Sustainable Design Manual   04-01-2010 08-18-2017  PDF
Estimating - Manual for Preparation of Cost Estimates and Related Documents for VA Facilities   03-08-2011  PDF
Asbestos Abatement - New Hospitals / Replacement Hospitals / Ambulatory Care / Clinical Additions / Energy Centers / Outpatient Clinics / Animal Research Facilities / Laboratory Buildings   07-01-2011  PDF
Critical Path Method Schedule and Risk Management for Architects / Engineers (A/E): Volume 2 - Guidelines for Preparation of Risk Management   12-01-2012  PDF
Critical Path Method Schedule and Risk Management for Architects / Engineers (A/E): Volume 1 - Guidelines for Preparation of CPM Schedule   12-01-2012  PDF
Site Design Manual   02-01-2013 04-01-2021  PDF
Site Development - Site Development Appendices   02-01-2013  PDF
Site Development - Parking Design and Demand Model   04-01-2013 11-01-2016  PDF
Structural Design Manual for Seismic Retrofit Projects   08-01-2013  PDF
Structural - Parking Structure Projects   10-01-2013  PDF
Structural - Energy Center Projects   02-01-2014  PDF
Structural - Regional Office Projects   02-01-2014  PDF
Structural - Hospital / Replacement Hospital / Clinical Addition / Domiciliary / Nursing Home / Psychiatric Building / Outpatient Clinic / Veterinary Medical Unit Projects   02-01-2014  PDF
Structural - Ancillary Facilities / Outpatient Clinics / Laundries / Warehouses Projects   02-01-2014  PDF
Structural - Nursing Home (Design-Build) Projects   02-01-2014  PDF
Architectural - New Hospitals, Replacement Hospitals, Ambulatory Care, Clinical Additions, Energy Centers and Outpatient Clinics   08-01-2014  PDF
Plumbing   11-01-2014 05-01-2021  PDF
Healing Environment   09-01-2016  PDF
HVAC Design Manual   11-01-2017 03-01-2020  PDF
Electrical Design Manual   12-01-2019  PDF
Elevator Design Manual   10-01-2020  PDF
Physical Security and Resiliency Design Manual   10-01-2020 04-01-2021  PDF
Automated Transport Systems: Dumbwaiter and Cartlift Design Manual   11-01-2020  PDF
Automated Transport Systems: Material and Solid Waste Management, Linen and Trash Chutes   11-01-2020  PDF
Automated Transport Systems: Pneumatic Tube System Design Manual   11-01-2020  PDF
Interior Design Manual   11-01-2020  PDF
Steam, Heating Hot Water, and Outside Distribution Systems, Volume 3: Outside Steam and Heating Hot Water Distribution Systems   11-01-2020  PDF
Automated Transport Systems: AGV and AMR System Design Manual   11-01-2020  PDF
Signage Design Manual, Chapter 9 Interior Signs   02-10-2021  PDF
Fire Protection - Fire Protection   06-01-2021  PDF
Design Manual Index   06-01-2021  PDF
Steam, Heating Hot Water, and Outside Distribution Systems, Vol. 1 Steam Boilers   06-01-2021  PDF
Steam, Heating Hot Water, and Outside Distribution Systems, Vol. 2 Water Boilers   06-01-2021  PDF