Site—Parking Design Manual and Demand Model  

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To date, the Department and its Veterans Integrated Service Network (VISN) and Medical Centers (VAMC) have used a spreadsheet-based model based on patient and staffing population volumes and auto use demographics to estimate current and future parking demand, and associated surplus or deficit conditions. The model was created in 1991. Changing patterns of demand and patient care are leading health care facilities to increase outpatient services, while decreasing traditional inpatient services. These changes create an unanticipated need for additional parking spaces, which the 1991 parking demand model (PDM) does not reflect.

The VA Office of Construction & Facilities Management (CFM) was instructed to retain a parking study expert to update the PDM. DESMAN, Inc. was initially retained by Cannon Design and the LA Group through its IDIQAE classification to work with CFM and its member institutions to investigate VA’s current parking criteria and methodologies for determining required parking spaces at new and existing facilities. New parking demand ratios would be developed that accurately calculate current and future demand in a variety of VAMC environments and best practice design standards for its parking facilities would be documented.

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