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Provide comprehensive information including an overview of design principles and concepts, narrative text descriptions, and guide plates for reference in the design and development of VA projects. They are useful reference documents for all participants in the project team when new facilities are constructed or when existing facilities are renovated.

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Title Date Change Date View
Design Guide Index   01-01-2021  PDF
Acquisition and Materiel Management Series: Supply, Processing and Distribution (SPD)   02-01-2010  PDF
Audiology and Speech Pathology Service   11-01-2017  PDF
Clinical Series: Ambulatory Care (Hospital Based)   01-01-2009  PDF
Clinical Series: Cardiovascular Laboratory Service   11-29-2011  PDF
Clinical Series: Dental Service   06-01-2014  PDF
Clinical Series: Digestive Diseases - Endoscopy Service   11-29-2011  PDF
Clinical Series: Electroencephalography Laboratory (EEG)   11-29-2011  PDF
Clinical Series: Eye Clinic   07-01-2017 04-01-2018  PDF
Clinical Series: Pharmacy Service   11-11-1995 04-01-2018  PDF
Clinical Series: Polytrauma Rehabiliation Center (PRC)   12-01-2014  PDF
Clinical Series: Pulmonary Medicine   11-29-2011  PDF
Clinical Series: Spinal Cord Injury / Disorders Center Design Guide   11-01-2020  PDF
Clinical Series: Sterile Processing Service and Logistics Service   10-01-2015  PDF
Imaging Services Design Guide   09-01-2020  PDF
Inpatient Mental Health & Residential Rehabilitation Treatment Program Facilities Design Guide   01-01-2021  PDF
Inpatient Services: Medical/Surgical Inpatient Units & Intensive Care Nursing Units   11-29-2011  PDF
Mental Heath Outpatient Services   07-23-2018  PDF
NCA Facilities Design Guide, Section 5 Design Criteria   11-01-2016  PDF
Other: Infrastructure Standard for Telecommunications Spaces, Version 3.0   08-21-2020  PDF
Other: Lease Based Outpatient Clinic Design Guide   04-01-2016  PDF
Other: Office of Information Technology Design Guide   02-01-2011  PDF
Other: PACT (Patient Aligned Care Team)   06-01-2015  PDF
Other: VA Barrier Free Design Guide: A Supplement to the Architectural Barriers Act Accessibility Standards   11-30-2011  PDF
Other: VA Signage   02-20-2005  PDF
Primary Care Series: Outpatient Clinic (SOC/CBOC)   01-01-2009  PDF
Primer Series: Outpatient Pharmacy; revised 6/97   08-01-1996  PDF
Small House Model Design Guide   01-01-2017 03-01-2019  PDF
Surgical Series: Surgical and Endovascular Design Guide   04-01-2016 04-01-2020  PDF