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These alerts are issued for reducing repeat construction change orders and for addressing other construction related issues.

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Design Alert Index   02-09-2021  PDF
003C2B-DA-142 For Immediate Application on All Current Projects Patient Safety in VHA Bathrooms   06-01-2014 11-01-2014  PDF
003C2B-DA-144 Revisions to Telecommunications Systems Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) Requirements    06-01-2015  PDF
003C2B-DA-145 Ante Room Requirements   08-01-2015  PDF
003C2B-DA-146 Clean Core and Operating Room Pressure Relationship   09-01-2015  PDF
003C2B-DA-147 Project Design Principles - Foundation of Design   09-01-2016  PDF
003C2B-DA-149 Design for Patient Privacy and Women Veterans’ Health   10-01-2018  PDF
00CFM1A-DA-132 Pharmacy Design Guidance - Update on Compliance with USP Chapter 797 [double-quote]Pharmaceutical Compounding - Sterile Preparations[double-quote]   05-01-2008  PDF
00CFM1A-DA-134 VA Adoption of Plenum Fans for Air-Handling Units Application   05-17-2010  PDF
00CFM1A-DA-136 Sustainable High Performance Concrete Structures   03-08-2011  PDF
FM-181A-DA-102 Refrigerant Leak Detectors for Chillers   10-25-1999  PDF
FM-181A-DA-121 Mycobacterial Laboratories (BSL3) Labs Architectural and Engineering Controls Update   09-15-2004  PDF
FM-187C-DA-33 Mechanical Equipment in Interstitial Space   05-03-1995 05-03-2011  PDF
FM-187C-DA-42 Importance of Showing All Existing Utilities on Design Documents   09-20-1995  PDF
FM-187C-DA-45 National Pollution Discharge Elimination System   11-07-1995  PDF
FM-187C-DA-76 Emergency Heating for Patient Care Areas   10-15-1997  PDF
FM-187C-DA-77 Emergency Shut Down of Refrigeration Equipment   10-23-1997  PDF
FM-187C-DA-95 Building Humidification   01-13-1999  PDF