PS1-19 Structural Plywood  


This Voluntary Product Standard establishes requirements for the principal types and grades of structural plywood and provides a basis for common understanding among producers, distributors, and users of the product. This Standard covers the wood species, veneer grading, adhesive bonds, panel construction and workmanship, dimensions and tolerances, marking, moisture content, and
packaging of structural plywood intended for construction and industrial uses.

Included in this Standard are test methods to determine compliance and a glossary of trade terms and definitions. A quality certification program is provided whereby qualified testing agencies inspect, sample, and test products identified as complying with this Standard. Information on species grouping is provided in Appendix A. Information on reinspecting practices is provided in Appendix B. Information on the maintenance, history, and current edition of the Standard is provided in Appendix C. Recommended thickness labeling is provided in Appendix D. Information on labeling regulations from NIST Handbook 130 and NIST Handbook 133 are provided in Appendix E. Information on formaldehyde emissions is provided in Appendix F.

This Voluntary Product Standard incorporates the International System of Units (SI) as well as U.S. customary units of measurement. In conversion of U.S. customary units where exact placement is not an issue, such as nail spacing, approximate conversions to SI units are made to yield more easily recognizable numbers. In critical matters, such as panel thickness, more precise conversions to SI units are made. For nominal U.S. customary units, actual dimensions in SI units are given. The values given in SI units are the standard. The values in parentheses are for information only.