Guide Specifications for Reducing Lead-Based Paint Hazards  


Guide Specifications for Reducing Lead-Based Paint Hazards is a technical guidance document for the purchase of services for reducing lead-based paint hazards. The Guide is intended for owners, or their representative agents, planning to contract for lead-based paint hazard mitigation. The Guide addresses lead based paint inspection, risk assessment, interim controls and abatement of lead-based paint in buildings in the context of a stand alone project and as part of a larger renovation project.

The Guide is organized in four parts. Part one is designed for anyone, including homeowners, contractors, architects or engineers, who is seeking a broad overview of the lead hazard problem and how it may be addressed. It contains a summary of the lead inspection and risk assessment protocols, information on worker protection during lead hazard reduction activity, and a description of a lead hazard reduction project, from beginning to end, noting the limitations of various treatment methods and possible pitfalls for the unsuspecting project planner. Part two provides guidance on how to assemble and contract with a qualified design team, how to develop and coordinate contract documents, how to develop and coordinate a bidding package, how to negotiate and bid, and how to administer contracts for lead-based paint abatement.

Part three contains detailed instructions for the use of the guide specifications including an overview of two Construction Specification Institute (CSI) documents: MasterFormat and SectionFormat. This overview is for the benefit of users who may be unfamiliar with construction specification practices for assigning section numbers and titles. The organization of a specification section into its three component parts: General, Products and Execution is described. The Guide's use of MASTERSPEC®, the American Institute of Architect's master guide specification system is also explained.

Part four includes information needed for the development of comprehensive lead hazard reduction specifications. This part consists of 34 specification sections that are grouped under 5 of the 16 standard divisions forming the basic framework for organizing construction specifications. The format and writing style of these sections are based on applicable MASTERSPEC® sections. Each section contains advice and guidance on how to edit the specifications to retain requirements for lead-based paint hazard reduction applicable to specific project conditions. This is done by presenting the user with a range of choices accompanied by related technical information. Appendices include a glossary of terms, listing of federal and state contacts, a bibliography, description of the OSHA lead in construction standard, and acknowledgements.

The Guide is written to conform with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Guidelines for The Evaluation and Control of Lead-Based Paint Hazards in Housing (1995), current Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations and guidance documents, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations and other federal regulations and guidance documents affecting leadbased paint hazard reduction. State regulations are addressed by example, and guidance on how to find specific state regulation is provided.