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ITG FY 24-02 Elevators in Japan 03-26-2024  PDF
ITG FY 24-03 Electric Charging Infrastructure Requirements for Federal Government Vehicles 03-26-2024  PDF
ITG FY 24-01 Electrification of Navy Facilities 03-01-2024  PDF
ITG FY 23-02.1 Navy and Marine Corps Facilities with Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) Fire Suppression Systems 07-26-2023  PDF
ITG FY 23-03 Building Area Calculation Methodology for Navy and Marine Corps Unaccompanied Housing 06-14-2023  PDF
ITG FY23-01 Aircraft Maintenance Hangar Optimal Structural System Evaluation 05-05-2023  PDF
ITG 2020-01 Application of Risk Management Framework to Facility-Related Control Systems 05-12-2020  PDF
ITG 2017-03 2015 International Existing Building Code (IEBC) - Roof Diaphragms Resisting Wind Loads in High Wind Region 06-08-2017  PDF
ITG 2017-02 Selection of Retroflective Beads for Airfield Pavement Markings 03-14-2017  PDF
ITG 2017-01 Application of Cybersecurity to Facility-Related Control Systems 01-26-2017  PDF
ITG FY03-01 Aircraft Maintenance Facility Design 11-01-2002  PDF
ITG FY02-04 Airfield/Heliports Surface Drainage Design 09-30-2002  PDF
ITG FY02-01 Airfield Pavement and Airfield Utility Designs 10-02-2001  PDF
ITG FY00-06 Fire Apparatus Vehicle Exhaust Removal Systems 05-09-2000  PDF
ITG FY00-03 Airfield Pavement Void Detection, Repair and Prevention 03-23-2000  PDF
ITG FY99-02 Skid Resistance Criteria for Airfield Pavements 03-24-1999  PDF
ITG FY99-01 Facilities Homeporting Criteria for Nimitz Class Aircraft Carriers 11-03-1998  PDF
ITG FY96-02 Occupant Sensors 07-01-1996  PDF
ITG FY96-01 Wire Rope and Strand 11-20-1995  PDF
ITG FY95-04 Hazardous Material Minimization (HAZMIN) Centers 08-28-1995  PDF
ITG FY95-03 ASHRAE Standard 15 07-07-1995  PDF
ITG FY94-01 Cathodic Protection Systems 04-01-1994  PDF