GS-51 Laundry Care Products for Industrial and Institutional Use  

Change / Revision Date: 

Edition 1.8

The Green Seal Standard for Laundry Care Products for Industrial and Institutional Use, GS-15, establishes environmental, health, and social requirements for products that are used to clean, remove stains, and/or otherwise treat the softness, static, or wrinkle characteristics of laundry.

This standard covers and is limited to laundry detergent products (home-style detergent, complete detergent, or multi-component system) for industrial and institutional use, as well as pre-treatment stain and spot removing products, softening products (liquids and sheets), laundry additives (bleaching, softening, sour, antichlor, and alkali booster products), anti-static products (liquid and sheets), fabric refresher products, anti-wrinkle products, laundry prewash products, and laundry starch/sizing/fabric finish products. This standard addresses the products listed above but not the facility where laundry care occurs, such as a dry cleaner or commercial laundry.

Federal Facility Criteria: