GS-44 Soaps, Cleansers, Hand Sanitizers, and Shower Products  

Change / Revision Date: 

Edition 4.3

The Green Seal Standard for Soaps, Cleansers, Hand Sanitizers, and Shower Products, GS-44, establishes environmental requirements for hand, hair, and body soaps and cleansers used and rinsed after use. This includes liquid and solid soap and cleansers, shampoo, conditioner, and related shower products for baby, child, adult, and professional-use. This standard also establishes health and environmental requirements for alcohol-based antiseptic rubs, referred to as hand sanitizers. This standard does not apply to products used for animal or pet use, those used in commercial or institutional facilities where the products are not intended to be sold to consumers, or products required to be registered under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act, such as those making claims as sterilizers, disinfectants, or antimicrobial soaps and cleansers.

Federal Facility Criteria: