GS-34 Cleaning and Degreasing Agents  

Change / Revision Date: 

Edition 2.2

The Green Seal Standard for Cleaning and Degreasing Agents, GS-34, establishes environmental requirements for agents suitable for cleaning soils in production and maintenance applications. Suitable agents do not include those for specialized cleaning/degreasing operations such as the removal of paints, sealants, rust, and adhesives; hand wiping parts; preparation of surfaces for electroplating, organic coatings, and parts testing; or the cleaning of hydraulic components, medical supplies, electronics, and optics.

The standard includes product performance requirements and environmental and health requirements such as reduces human and aquatic toxicity, reduced smog production potential, and low ozone depleting potential. The standard can serve as a tool to help companies begin to take action to improve their products and is available for Green Seal certification.

Federal Facility Criteria: