UFGS 23 09 23.13 20 BACnet Direct Digital Control Systems for HVAC  

Division 23 - Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning
Retired / Superseded
Archived / Rescinded Date: 
Change Notice: 

Retired to meet 10 USC 2867 requirement; Superseded by UFGS 23 09 00, UFGS 23 09 13, UFGS 23 09 23.01, and UFGS 23 09 23.02

History: Below is a listing of the Revisions and Changes made to this UFGS.

ACTION N New R Revision C Change D Deletion
Release PA Action Change # Nature of Change or Revision
Aug-2017 N D

Archived to meet the requirement of 10 USC 2867 to adopt a "Department-wide, Open Protocol, Energy Monitoring and Utility Control System Specification" for use in military construction and military family housing activities. UFGS 25 10 10 Utility Monitoring and Control System (UMCS) Front End and Integration was published to meet this requirement. The following UFGSs were also published to meet this requirement and superseded Section 23 09 23.13 20: 23 09 00 INSTRUMENTATION AND CONTROL FOR HVAC, 23 09 13 INSTRUMENTATION AND CONTROL DEVICES FOR HVAC, 23 09 23.01 LONWORKS DIRECT DIGITAL CONTROL FOR HVAC AND OTHER BUILDING CONTROL SYSTEMS, and 23 09 23.02 BACNET DIRECT DIGITAL CONTROL FOR HVAC AND OTHER BUILDING CONTROL SYSTEMS.
Note: The last published PDF version of this Section is available in the previous release in the UFGS Archives.

Feb-2017 N C 1

BACnet Operator Workstation (B-OWS) updated to BACnet Advanced Operator Workstation (B-AWS) in[BACnet Operator Workstation][and][Notebook Computer] DDC Software.

Nov-2015 N R

Revised throughout to incorporate numerous modifications. Modifications included references, definitions, control system components list, BACnet communication architecture schematic, submittals, DDC system, BACnet building controller, stand-alone controllers, internal clock, communications ports, digital controller cabinet, programming, trending, device management, BACnet operator workstation, notebook computer, software, BACnet discovery tool, energy metering, actuators, power line surge protection, variable frequency (motor) drives, BACnet naming and addressing, BACnet routers and protocol gateways, and performance verification testing plan.

Feb-2015 N C 1

Completion of Criteria Change Request.

Aug-2009 N R

Within subpart 2.3.1, deleted third paragraph

Nov-2008 N R

Updated General Note per USACE

Aug-2008 N R

Replaced para 2.3.1

Apr-2007 N R

Revised definitions, added guidance for BACnet Testing Labs (BTL) certification

Jan-2007 N N

Superseding UFGS 23 09 54.00 20 Direct Digital Control Systems