UFGS 23 07 00 Thermal Insulation for Mechanical Systems  

History: Below is a listing of the Revisions and Changes made to this UFGS.

ACTION N New R Revision C Change D Deletion
Release PA Action Change # Nature of Change or Revision
May-2020 A C 7

Updated paragraph in response to CCR 6151.

Feb-2020 A C 6

Added reference to paragraph in response to CCR 4249 and updated paragraph in response to CCR 4256.

Nov-2019 A C 5

Incorporated dispersal of criteria from the retired UFC 3-440-05N TROPICAL ENGINEERING, and the addition of corrosion protection criteria to coordinate with UFC 1-200-01 DoD BUILDING CODE.

Aug-2018 A C 4

Sustainability updates required to coordinate with the Federal Codes and DoD policies and procedures.

Feb-2018 A C 3

In response to CCR 5445, added note to paragraph for NAVFAC MAR Projects

Nov-2017 A C 2

Added new paragraphs and per Mechanical DWG.

Aug-2015 A C 1

UFGS sustainability/energy updates to comply with Navy and DoD policies to enforce requirements of UFC 1-200-02 "High Performance and Sustainable Building Requirements".

Feb-2013 A R

Revised vapor barrier and insulation requirements.

Dec-2012 A C 2

INTERIM RELEASE: Removed polyisocyanurate insulation throughout the section.

Nov-2012 A C 1

CCR 836: deleted aboveground cold pipe phenolic insulation

Aug-2010 A R

Added GEI or SCS certification; CCR 3250

Nov-2009 A R

Revised firestopping to close a CCR

Apr-2008 A R

Compliance with CSI SectionFormat

Jan-2008 A R

Incorporated EPAct05 requirements

Oct-2007 A R

General revisions for pipe, duct and equipment

Apr-2007 A R

Minor change to paragraph Vapor Barrier/Weatherproofing Jacket

Feb-2007 A R

INTERIM RELEASE: Corrected permeability

Jan-2007 A R

Added jacketing system

Jul-2006 A R

Various minor revisions