UFGS 22 00 00 Plumbing, General Purpose  

History: Below is a listing of the Revisions and Changes made to this UFGS.

ACTION N New R Revision C Change D Deletion
Release PA Action Change # Nature of Change or Revision
May-2024 N R

Complete review and update

May-2021 N C 4

Added "Army" projects to the Specifier Notes under (2.1.1) Pipe Joint Materials, list item t., ( Copper Tube and Pipe, list item d, and (3.12) TABLE II; added Air Force tailoring to paragraph (2.4.6) No-Water Urinals; NOTES indicating tailoring options added throughout this section.

Aug-2018 N C 3

Changing Tech Notes for the following from not allowing the use of press fittings/press connections for Navy projects to coordinating with the user on the use of press fittings/press connections for copper pipe and tube for Navy and Marine Corps projects: Paragraph 2.2.1-t, Pipe Joint Materials, Press Fittings for Copper Pipe and Tube; Paragraph, Copper Tube and Pipe, Press Connection and; Table II Item 38, Pipe and Fitting Materials for Pressure Piping Systems, Press Fittings; Sustainability updates required to coordinate with the Federal Codes and DoD policies and procedures.

Nov-2017 N C 2

In response to CCR 5954, updated Table I to include condensate drain piping.

May-2016 N C 1

Added Navy and Army/Air Force bracketed options to subpart 2.16

Nov-2015 N R

Revised throughout to incorporate CCRs 1605, 2764, 2765, 2832, 3301, 3391, 3891, 4118, 4159, 4209, 4411, and 4437. Modifications included references, plumbing system testing, performance of gas storage-type water heaters and requirements for the following products: drinking-water coolers and floor sinks.

Aug-2015 N C 2

UFGS sustainability/energy updates to comply with Navy and DoD policies to enforce requirements of UFC 1-200-02 "High Performance and Sustainable Building Requirements".

May-2013 N C 1

modified subpart 2.1

Nov-2011 N R

Modified subpart 2.8

Aug-2011 N R

Modified references in subparts 2.3, 2.4.24, 3.1,, and 3.13 Table II #13

Aug-2010 N R

Revised subpart 2.1

May-2010 N R

Section References (SRF) update; added brackets to para 2.4.3 ; other minor revisions throughout

Feb-2010 N R

Section References (SRF) update and other minor revisions; added information regarding polypropylene piping

Nov-2009 N R

Removed 1st 2 items under SD-03 Product Data and paragraph 1.10; other minor changes

Aug-2009 N R

Subpart 1.2-Corrected lead para; 2.4.3-added Dual Flush; 2.5-added Regulatory Agencies; 2.10-modified para. & editorial corrections; 2.10.4-updated para. and subpart as, para.; 3.9.5-updated para.

Feb-2009 N R

Overall update

Aug-2008 N R

Deleted para 1.5.3

Apr-2008 N R

Updated throughout

Apr-2007 N R

Added chlorine filters to water supply to Air Force, NASA sinks, lavatories and tubs/showers: Corrected errors in installation heights of urinals and other fixtures.

Jan-2007 N R

Revised non-water use urinals

Oct-2006 N R

Changed FY requiring non-flush toilets on USACE projects; Removed reference to ASTM D3308 in regards to PTFE Tape

Jul-2006 N R

Added sustainable design requirements and Army and Navy options for No-water vs Non-water urinals