UFGS 09 97 13.27 High Performance Coating for Steel Structures  

History: Below is a listing of the Revisions and Changes made to this UFGS.

ACTION N New R Revision C Change D Deletion
Release PA Action Change # Nature of Change or Revision
Aug-2022 N C 1

The May 2022 version of this Section has been made inactivate as it conflicted with FAR requirements; the February 2021 version has been reinstated with changes made to TEST KITS (subparts 2.6.1 and 2.6.2)

May-2022 N R

08/25/2022: this version has been made inactive and replaced with the previous Feb 2021 version.
Complete review and update.

Feb-2021 N R

Revised in response to the following: CCR 9541- title has been changed from "EXTERIOR COATING OF STEEL STRUCTURES" to "HIGH PERFORMANCE COATING FOR STEEL STRUCTURES"; CCR 9540 – 2.2 COATING SYSTEM – to allow 100% shop coating; CCR 9542 – SSPC requirements confirmed; and CCR # 9543 – Added notes to designer to carefully coordinate Division 05 and Division 08 UFGS when used. Indicated that this UFGS is required for coating of components indicated in UFC 4-211-01.

Aug-2017 N C 1

Changed Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) to Safety Data Sheets (SDS).

Oct-2016 N R

INTERIM RELEASE: It was recently brought to our attention that the February 2016 revision of this section contained performance requirements that have been met by only one supplier for the entire paint system.
This revision restores the February 2010, Change 1 version that provides for a competitive product.

Feb-2016 N R

This spec is a complete revision to reflect a new and different product. The spec was modified to move from Epoxy/ Polyurethane MIL Spec products to low VOC polysulfide modified novolac epoxy. Updates to QA/QC procedures and reporting requirements were also added.

Aug-2013 N C 1

Modified notes before Part 1 and in subpart 3.6

Feb-2010 N R

Section References (SRF) update

Aug-2009 N R

Section References (SRF) update

Jan-2007 N R

Extensive rewrite

Jul-2006 N R

Minor corrections