UFGS 08 33 23 Overhead Coiling Doors  

History: Below is a listing of the Revisions and Changes made to this UFGS.

ACTION N New R Revision C Change D Deletion
Release PA Action Change # Nature of Change or Revision
May-2023 A C

Administrative Change: Preparing Activity changed from NASA to USACE

Feb-2022 S C 1

CCR10484: Adjusted tailoring option to entire portion of subpart 2.2.5 ELECTRIC DOOR OPERATORS

Aug-2020 S R

Periodic revision incorporating updated technical sustainability and corrosion control requirements and responses to CCRs as well as correcting formatting, references, and Submittals. Superseding UFGS 08 34 19.10 20 Rolling Service [and Fire] Doors. Revision incorporates information from UFGS 08 34 19.10 20 and CCR 3405.

Nov-2019 S R

Superseding section 08 34 19.10 20 - ROLLING SERVICE [AND FIRE] DOORS Tri-Annual Database Maintenance (TADM) which consists of updating of Section Format, imperative language and formatting review, and verification of all reports and spelling.

Aug-2015 S R

Tri-Annual Database Maintenance (TADM) completed

Nov-2012 S C 1

Updated Section Format per latest UFC 1-300-02,removed text (redundant) text from Submittal Article and located info in body of the text in the appropriate Part; added testing tags at several locations.

Jul-2007 S N

Superseding UFGS 08 33 23.00 40 Overhead Coiling Doors and ARMY UFGS 08 33 23 Overhead Rolling Doors; Reference Update

Jul-2007 A D

Section superseded by NASA prepared UFGS 08 33 23 Overhead Coiling Doors; Army title of UFGS 08 33 23 was OVERHEAD ROLLING DOORS
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