UFGS 01 57 19.01 20 Supplemental Temporary Environmental Controls  

History: Below is a listing of the Revisions and Changes made to this UFGS.

ACTION N New R Revision C Change D Deletion
Release PA Action Change # Nature of Change or Revision
Aug-2022 N D

Superseded by UFGS 01 5719 Temporary Environmental Controls
Note: The last published PDF version of this Section is available in the previous release in the UFGS Archives.

Aug-2021 N C 5

Added Note to Submittal Article with instructions for Navy Design-Build projects.

May-2021 N C 4

In response to CCR 9422, subparagraph ( Removal of Waste from Camp Lejeune has been updated to reflect the landfill waste policy at Camp Lejeune.

Aug-2020 N C 3

Additional change made regarding CCR 8507, the section has been updated to clarify requirements for surplus soil disposal at Camp Lejenue ( In response to CCR 8833, changes to submittal requirements for NAVFAC PAC to mitigate schedule impacts: added Note under SD-01 and in paragraph "Notice of Construction (NOC) and Notice of Completion" (

May-2020 N C 2

In response to CCR 8507, Section has been updated to capture the requirements for surplus soil disposal at Camp Lejeune, NC (

Aug-2016 N C 1

Changed NAVFAC NW Installation's notes, and related information, for Hazardous Waste Management.

Nov-2015 N R

Unification with UFGS 01 57 19.02 TEMPORARY ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROLS (GTMO), coordination with UFGS 01 57 19 TEMPORARY ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROLS, and update of regional requirements.

May-2014 N C 3

Modified subpart

Feb-2014 N C 2

Modified note before Part 1, Part 1, subparts 1.3, 1.4.1,,,,,,,,, and

Aug-2013 N C 1

Added requirements for NAVFAC NW, including Definitions and Part 3 paragraphs.

Feb-2010 N R

Section References (SRF) update; fixed General Note; minor revisions

Aug-2008 N R

Corrected Submittal (SUB) Tags

Jan-2008 N N

New section; for use with UFGS 01 57 19.00 20 TEMPORARY ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROLS on Navy projects.