UFGS 01 45 00.00 20 Quality Control  

History: Below is a listing of the Revisions and Changes made to this UFGS.

ACTION N New R Revision C Change D Deletion
Release PA Action Change # Nature of Change or Revision
Aug-2023 N D

Superseded by Unified UFGS-01 45 00 QUALITY CONTROL
Note: The last published PDF version of this Section is available in the previous release in the UFGS Archives.

Feb-2021 N C 8

In response to the following CCRs: 8956 - add reference to UFGS Section 01 32 16.00 20; and 9339 - coordinate commissioning and sustainability with UFGS Sections 01 91 00.15 20 and UFGS 01 33 29.

Aug-2020 N C 7

In response to the following CCRs: CCR 8960, the Note pertaining to paragraph "Registered Fire Protection Engineer" (1.5.8) has been revised for clarity; CCR 8961, paragraph "QC Administrative Assistant" (1.5.10) has been removed to align with the other QC sections; CCR 8827, changes to submittal requirements for NAVFAC PAC to mitigate schedule impacts: revised Submittal Article SD-01 and paragraph "CONSTRUCTION INDOOR AIR QUALITY (IAQ) MANAGEMENT PLAN" (1.17).

May-2020 N C 6

Added information under QC Manager Duties ( as well as new paragraph "QC for [Secure Space][Controlled Area][Sound Rated] Perimeter Construction" (1.5.12) to ensure that the government Site Security Manager is involved with the inspection process early on when accreditation is required by ICD/ICS 705 and that the contractor follow a formal process for the inspection and acceptance of secure spaces, controlled areas and sound rated assemblies. Also, in response to the following: CCR 6711, clarified Note in paragraph Laboratory Accreditation Authorities (1.12.2) to include Design Manager (DM); and CCR 6867, updated to ensure duplicate technical commissioning requirements were removed.

Feb-2020 N C 5

In response to the following: CCR 4323, "QCM" and "CQM" changed to "QC Manager" for clarity in paragraph (1.14.2) Pre-Final Inspection; CCR 6302, Specifier Note in paragraph (1.5.10) QC Administrative Assistant, removed reference to require Section 01 33 29 Sustainability Reporting. It is up to the contractor to determine how they comply with contract requirements; CCR 8046, Specifier Note in paragraph ( Qualifications updated to properly select the CQC requirements; and CCR 8243, para QC PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS (1.4) updated to ensure uniformity for all NAVFAC projects that compliance of the Quality Control Manager will report to an officer of the firm/company.

Nov-2019 N C 4

In response to the following: CCR 7292, the Designer Note with instructions for bracketed sentences was removed from the paragraph COORDINATION AND MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING MEETING (1.7) since the text did not contain any brackets; CCR 7294, the Designer Note for paragraph QC ORGANIZATION (1.5) and paragraph Qualifications ( has been updated to read FEAD/ROICC; CCRs 6296, 6300, 6301, OMSI has been replaced with O&M in paragraphs INFORMATION FOR THE CONTRACTING OFFICER (1.3-h.), Completion Certification (1.13.3), and DOCUMENTATION-Testing Plan and Log (1.15.4) to better align with the terminology utilized in Section 01 78 23 Operation and Maintenance Data.

Aug-2019 N C 3

In response to CCRs 6298 and 6299, statements requiring eOMSI/OMSI were changed to bracketed options in paragraphs "Duties Statement" ( and "Test Reports and Monthly Summary Report of Tests" (1.12.5), respectively. In response to CCR 6558, Specifier Note and bracketed option were added to paragraph "Requirements" (, list item k. "LIST OF DEFINABLE FEATURES"

Aug-2017 N C 2

Changed Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) to Safety Data Sheets (SDS).

Feb-2015 N C 1

Updated to conform to the DOD Special Inspection requirements defined in spec 01 45 35; Added Special Inspections requirements and removed references to LEED.

Nov-2011 N R

Added note before Part 1; modified subpart 1.2, 1.4.1,, ; removed subpart 1.16

Feb-2010 N N

New section; Supersedes UFGS 01 45 02 NAVFAC Quality Control

Jan-2008 N D

Title was Construction Quality Control, section superseded by UFGS 01 45 02 NAVFAC Quality Control
Note: The last published PDF version of this Section is available in the previous release in the UFGS Archives.

Jan-2007 N R

Removed reference to UFGS 01 99 00 in paragraph Commissioning (1.4.1)

Jul-2006 N R

Added sustainable design requirements