UFGS 01 31 23.13 20 Electronic Construction and Facility Support Contract Management System (eCMS)  

History: Below is a listing of the Revisions and Changes made to this UFGS.

ACTION N New R Revision C Change D Deletion
Release PA Action Change # Nature of Change or Revision
Feb-2024 N C 1

Updated language in Loss of Privilege (1.2.3) and RFIs Module (1.6.3) paragraphs

Aug-2023 N R

Complete refresh of the Section to coincide with the 15.2 update of the system; added "(eCMS)" to Section title

Feb-2023 N C 8

In response to CCR 12594, updated ECMS UTILIZATION paragraph (1.6) to clarify when contractors must utilize eCMS for transferring submittals.

Nov-2021 N C 7

In response to CCR 11022, updated requirements for jobsite computer tablet in the Field Administration paragraph, and CCR 11023, updated the Contract Administration paragraph to clarify eCMS file storage structure. Also added minimum download and upload speeds to paragraph 1.4.1 General.

Feb-2021 N C 6

In response to CCRs 9429 and 9621, removed reference to DoD Manual 5200.01-V4 and all FOUO designations; replaced "FOUO - For Official Use Only" with "CUI Controlled Unclassified Information" throughout; and changed CLASS heading in Table 1 to "DESIG" (designation).

Aug-2020 N C 5

In response to CCR 8821, changes to submittal requirements for NAVFAC PAC to mitigate schedule impacts: added Note under Submittal Article SD-01

Feb-2020 N C 4

In response to CCR 7810, paragraphs CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION (1.1), Information Security Classification/Identification (1.6.1), and Table 1 revised to clarify the procedure when documentation exists outside of the eCMS environment and a request is made to the contractor to provide as final project documentation.

Nov-2019 N C 3

In response to CCR 7497, brackets were added to the paragraph Field Administration (1.4.3) and the text was updated to clarify the disposition of the tablet computer.

May-2018 N C 2

Incorporation of eCMS Transmittal function into Table 1.

Aug-2017 N C 1

Changed submittal period of Personnel List, personnel roles, and removed Certified Payrolls, Invoice, and Routine Correspondence from Table 1; Changed Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) to Safety Data Sheets (SDS).

May-2017 N N

New Section