UFGS 01 14 00 Work Restrictions  

History: Below is a listing of the Revisions and Changes made to this UFGS.

ACTION N New R Revision C Change D Deletion
Release PA Action Change # Nature of Change or Revision
May-2024 N C 2

In response to CCR 14369, added new submittal item and paragraph to comply with Army and Army National Guard requirements for 3Rs Explosive Education Training Certificate.

Feb-2023 N C 1

In response to CCR 12429, updated work requirements at Naval Base Kitsap.

Nov-2022 N R

Complete review to reset section date; address CCRs 12149 & 12150, added "U.S. persons" to General Construction and Finish Work note and paragraph.

Feb-2022 N C 14

In response to CCR 11282, "Naval Base, Norfolk VA" and "Naval Air Station, Norfolk, VA" changed to "Naval Station Norfolk, Norfolk, VA".

Aug-2021 N C 13

In response to the following CCRs: 9044, added Note to Submittal Article with instructions for Navy Design-Build projects; 9826, updated last sentence in Activity Regulations paragraph (1.5.1) to clarify identifying Contractor equipment; 3976, replaced "must" with "will" or "may" throughout Part 1 as appropriate.

May-2021 N C 12

In response to CCR 9908, paragraph Shipyard Area Work Clearance Request (1.5.10) has been tailored for Navy.

Nov-2020 N C 11

Updated Additional Personnel Requirements ( and subparagraph to clarify work restrictions for secure facilities. Incorporated the following CCRs: CCR 9027, revised General Note in relation to tailoring options included in the section; CCR 9028, corrected tailoring in Part 1; and CCR 9029, corrected subpart hierarchy by moving "Unarmed Escort Services" paragraph into "CONTRACTED SERVICES FOR NBK BANGOR, SILVERDALE, WA. (1.16).

Aug-2020 N C 10

Incorporate EURAFCENT requirements from, and supersede UFGS 00 74 00 SUPPLEMENTARY CONDITIONS FOR PROJECTS IN MEDITERRANEAN AREA. Also, incorporate the following CCRs: CCR 8681, revised requirements to ensure adherence to all appropriate PPE in paragraphs "Activity Regulations" (1.5.1) and "Shipyard Regulations" (1.5.3); CCR 8683, updated Specifier Note and paragraph "Working Hours" (1.5.5) to reflect the work schedules for various regions.

May-2020 N C 9

Incorporates requirements of UFGS 00 73 01 SUPPLEMENTARY CONDITIONS FOR GUANTANAMO BAY and cancels UFGS 00 73 01; In response to CCR 7820, refinement of electronic security system equipment categories within paragraph Electronic Security Systems Equipment (

Feb-2020 N C 8

In response to CCR 7400, Specifier Note in paragraph (1.5.8) Occupied (and Existing) Building[s] updated to clarify the Government’s responsibility to remove or relocate equipment and direct users on how to modify this section; per CCR 7849, Saturday working hours were updated to reflect an 8-1/2 hour work period in paragraph (1.5.5) Working Hours.

May-2019 N C 7

In response to CCR 7479, the location and phone number for SWFPAC Pass and ID office has been updated in paragraph Vehicle Access

Nov-2018 N C 6

Changed tailoring tags from NAVFAC PAC to NAVFAC HI based on CCRs, removed outdated information for Naval Shipyard Pearl Harbor, HI, and added personnel security requirements for use in secure or controlled areas.

Aug-2018 N C 5

Removal of reference in para 1.6 to cancelled FAC.

Aug-2017 N C 4

Incorporation of DBIDS procedures for access to NAVY Installations.

Feb-2016 N C 3

Added requirement for utility cutover and connection to existing sanitary sewer line.

Aug-2014 N C 2

Fixed tailoring and bracket issue throughout. Revised Employment Restrictions for Bremerton, WA

Aug-2013 N C 1

Tailoring and changes for NAVFAC NW throughout

Nov-2011 N R

Deleted subpart 1.5.18: "Commonwealth of Puerto Rico"; modified subparts 1.5.7 and 1.5.9

May-2011 N R

Modified subparts,, 1.4.10 and 1.5.7

Jul-2007 N R

Added paragraph on smoking policy.

Jul-2006 N R

Added NAVFAC Pacific color restrictions

Apr-2006 N R

Various changes to incorporate Navy Regional requirements