Tsunami Inundation Mapping for At Risk OCONUS DoD Installations  

The following files may be downloaded and opened by Google Earth, or an equivalent mapping application (E.G. ArcGIS). Once opened, tsunami inundation and flow rate maps will overlay the installation in question, which can then be used to implement Tsunami design requirements found in Chapter 6 of ASCE 7. Each file is named after a particular DoD installation that is potentially affected by tsunami inundation. Affected OCONUS installations are only found in the pacific and pacific rim.

These documents are available in the following format:   Google Earth Placemark (KMZ)

Title Date Download
Awase 07-01-2019  KMZ
Courtney 07-01-2019  KMZ
Futenma Foster Kuwai 07-01-2019  KMZ
Guam 07-01-2019  KMZ
IE-JIMA 07-01-2019  KMZ
Iwakuni 07-01-2019  KMZ
Kadena and Torii 07-01-2019  KMZ
Kwajalein Marshall Islands-1000m 07-01-2019  KMZ
Kwajalein Marshall Islands 07-01-2019  KMZ
Meck Marshall Islands-1000m 07-01-2019  KMZ
Meck Marshall Islands 07-01-2019  KMZ
Naha and Kinser 07-01-2019  KMZ
Okuma 07-01-2019  KMZ
Roi Namur Marshall Islands-1000m 07-01-2019  KMZ
Roi Namur Marshall Islands 07-01-2019  KMZ
Sasebo 07-01-2019  KMZ
Schwab 07-01-2019  KMZ
White Beach 07-01-2019  KMZ
Yokohama and Tsurumi 07-01-2019  KMZ
Yokosuka 07-01-2019  KMZ
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