Green Building Initiative (GBI), Guiding Principles Compliance and Green Globes  

Each Service has a Corporate Membership with Green Building Initiative. Employees can receive the following benefits:

  • Discounts for 25% off project registrations, which includes Survey forms and Reference Manuals;
  • Up to 12 free Guiding Principles Compliance Professional (GPCP) or Green Globes Professional (GGP) training and exam, or free renewal for existing GGP or GPCP and;
  • Free GBI webinars (pending).

Below are links to more information on the Green Building Initiative:

These documents are available in the following formats:   Adobe Acrobat (PDF)

Title Date View
GBI Comparison of the Criteria for the New Release of Green Globes® for New Construction (GG NC), LEED 2009, and LEED v4 04-03-2017  PDF
GBI Efficiency, Effectiveness and Accountability for Federal High Performance Buildings: Green Globes® Certification and the Guiding Principles Compliance® Assessment Program Cost-Benefits 09-01-2017  PDF
GBI Green Globes® for Unique Federal Buildings Tool Overview 10-31-2018  PDF
GBI Guiding Principles Compliance for Department of Defense Buildings Tool Overview 10-31-2018  PDF
Federal Facility Criteria: