TSPWG M 3-270-01.3-270-07 O&M: Airfield Damage Repair  


This document outlines the various services’ (Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force) ADR concept of operations. Recent operations identified the lack of familiarity and consistency in ADR procedures, equipment, material, and unified pavement specifications. This document is the first effort toward developing joint ADR guidance in the context of recent operations.

ADR encompasses more than just pavement repair. Damage assessment, explosive ordnance reconnaissance, MOS selection, repair quality criteria, aircraft arresting system and utility system repairs are just a few of the areas that must also be considered. This document only addresses airfield pavement repairs. All branches of service accomplish pavement repair in a similar manner. The major differences occur in the final 457 to 610 millimeters (18 to 24 inches) of crater repair and capping due to mission differences, team configuration, and available resources. Understanding the various services’ repair procedures will expedite the re-repair and/or upgrade of those repairs by follow-on forces, regardless of branch of service. Extensive efforts are still required to find the ultimate answers to pavement repair problems and compatibility issues with new aircraft.

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