TSEWG NAVAIR 51-50AAA-2 General Requirements for Shorebased Airfield Marking and Lighting  

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The purpose of this manual is to provide the general requirements for airfield Visual Landing Aids for approaches, landings, takeoffs, taxiing, and surface maneuvering of aircraft on Navy and Marine Corps shorebased airfields. Refer to the Expeditionary Airfields (EAF) NATOPS Manual NAVAIR 00-80T-115, and all subordinate documents, for EAF lighting and marking requirements. This manual should not be used for designing or planning of EAF or forward operating areas and combat fields. The standard configurations and permitted variations are described. Installation requirements affecting the configurations and performances are discussed. The types of equipment which are currently approved for use in new installations are indicated. It is not the intent of this manual to direct or request implementation, but to establish guidance information for use when implementation is directed.