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The documents below are from various Tri-Service criteria working groups. They provide background information (supplemental documentation, best practices, sample calculations, etc.) to DOD criteria. These documents are intended to assist project delivery teams with the application and use of criteria.

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TSEWG NAVAIR 51-50AAA-2 General Requirements for Shorebased Airfield Marking and Lighting   05-01-2003 11-01-2017  PDF
TSEWG TP-01 Electrical Calculation Examples   07-16-2008  PDF
TSEWG TP-02 Capacitors for Power Factor Correction   07-16-2008  PDF
TSEWG TP-03 Surge Protector Performance and Evaluation Criteria   07-16-2008  PDF
TSEWG TP-04 Stationary Battery and Charger Sizing   07-16-2008  PDF
TSEWG TP-05 Interior Transformer Ratings and Installation   07-16-2008  PDF
TSEWG TP-06 Low-Voltage Breaker Interrupting Ratings   07-16-2008  PDF
TSEWG TP-07 Protection System Design   07-16-2008  PDF
TSEWG TP-08 Equipment Enclosures and Hazardous Locations   07-16-2008  PDF
TSEWG TP-09 Automatic Transfer Equipment   07-16-2008  PDF
TSEWG TP-10 Arc Flash Levels for Fused Voltage Inputs to Electricity Meters   07-16-2008  PDF
TSEWG TP-11 UFC 3-500-10N Best Practices   03-05-2009  PDF
TSEWG TP-12 UFC 3-500-10N Appendices   03-05-2009  PDF
TSEWG TP-13 UFC 3-501-03N Load Demand Analyses   03-05-2009  PDF
TSEWG TP-15 Arc Flash Calculations and Detailed Arc Flash Warning Labels   04-30-2012  PDF
TSEWG TP-16 Impressed Current Anode Material Selection and Design Considerations   05-08-2017  PDF
TSEWG TP-17 Galvanic (Sacrificial) Anode Material Selection, Design Considerations   05-08-2017  PDF
TSEWG TP-18 Frequently Asked Questions About Cathodic Protection System Equipment Testing   02-01-2017  PDF
TSEWG TP-19 Static Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)   10-02-2017  PDF
TSEWG TP-20 Air Visual Air Navigation Facilities: Qualifying Equipment   11-01-2017  PDF
TSEWG TP-21 Visual Air Navigation Facilities: Air Facility Equipment Inspection and Testing   11-01-2017  PDF
TSEWG TP-22 Airfield/Heliport/Helipad Portable Lighting Requirements in a Theater Of Operations (TO) (FOR ARMY ONLY)   04-03-2018  PDF
TSFPEWG G 3-600-01.01-18 Air Force Fire Protection Engineering Criteria and Technical Guidance For Mission Continuity of Electronic, Information Technology, and Telecommunications Equipment Installations, with Change 1   02-25-2021 04-21-2021  PDF
TSFPEWG-G 3-600-01.9-7-6 Fire Protection Engineering Criteria and Technical Guide for Flexible Sprinkler Hose Fittings   10-06-2023  PDF
TSPWG 3-250-04_05-8 Use Of Off-The-Shelf Concrete Admixtures As Cold Weather Admixture Systems (CWAS)   09-25-2019  PDF
TSPWG 3-250-07.07-6 Risk Assessment Procedure for Recycling Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) Suffering from Alkali-Silica Reaction (ASR) In Airfield Pavement Structures   07-15-2019  PDF
TSPWG 3-260-01.06-04 Expedient Trim Pad Anchoring Systems   10-15-2019  PDF
TSPWG 3-260-01.12-08 Contingency Aircraft Tie-Downs In Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) Pavements   10-15-2019  PDF
TSPWG 3-260-02.11-4 Airfield Pavement Drainage Layers   09-25-2019  PDF
TSPWG 3-270-01.11-15 Repairing and Backfilling Earthen Structures With Flowable Fill   09-25-2019  PDF
TSPWG M 3-250-03.11-3 Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA)   09-25-2019  PDF
TSPWG M 3-250-04.06-2 Alkali-Aggregate Reaction In Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) Airfield Pavements   09-25-2019  PDF
TSPWG M 3-250-04.97-05 Proportioning Concrete Mixtures With Graded Aggregates For Rigid Airfield Pavements   08-12-2019  PDF
TSPWG M 3-260-00.23-01 Contracting Airfield Pavement Work   05-16-2023  PDF
TSPWG M 3-260-00.NS7210 Standards for NATO Deployed Air Operations   05-04-2022  PDF
TSPWG M 3-260-02.01-8 Resin Modified Pavement Design and Application Criteria   06-06-2019  PDF
TSPWG M 3-260-02.04-4 Trenchless Technology for Crossing Air Force Pavements   06-06-2019  PDF
TSPWG M 3-260-02.07-3 Jet Engine Thrust Standoff for Airfield Asphalt Edge Pavements   04-19-2019  PDF
TSPWG M 3-260-02.09-2 Contingency Airfield Pavement Specifications   08-12-2019  PDF
TSPWG M 3-260-02.24-01, Trapezoidal Grooving for Rigid and Flexible Airfield Pavements   05-01-2024  PDF
TSPWG M 3-260-03-00-2 Inspection of Trim Pad Anchor Systems   10-30-2017  PDF
TSPWG M 3-260-03.02-19 Airfield Pavement Evaluation Standards and Procedures   10-19-2020  PDF
TSPWG M 3-260-03.04-6 Inspection of Pavement Drainage Systems   10-30-2017  PDF
TSPWG M 3-260-03.22-01 Constructing Pavement Design and Evaluation Charts   08-05-2022  PDF
TSPWG M 3-260-04.18-01 Life-Cycle Cost Analysis of Retroreflective Glass Beads   01-24-2018  PDF
TSPWG M 3-260-04.18-02 Airfield Marking Waiver Procedures   10-23-2020  PDF
TSPWG M 3-270-01.04-10 Determining the Need for Runway Rubber Removal   06-06-2019  PDF
TSPWG M 3-270-01.08-2 Testing Protocol for Rapid Setting Rigid Repair Material   10-05-2020  PDF
TSPWG M 3-270-01.08-4 Testing Protocol for Polomeric Spall Repair Materials   02-28-2017  PDF
TSPWG M 3-270-01.3-270-07 O&M: Airfield Damage Repair   05-21-2020  PDF
TSPWG M 3-270-08.14-03 Pavement Management Plan   01-26-2024  PDF
TSPWG M 3-32-17.07-10 Evaluation and Restoration of Folded Fiberglass Mats (FFM)   09-09-2019  PDF
TSPWG M 3-32-17.07-2 Anchoring a Fiberglass Mat Assembly in Asphalt Concrete Pavement   06-06-2019  PDF
TSPWG PM 3-270-01.20-02 Rapid-Setting Concrete Repair Capping Using Type I and Type III Cements   05-05-2022  PDF
TSPWG PM 3-270-01.21-05 Rapid Airfield Damage Repair in Cold Weather   05-05-2022  PDF
TSPWG TSC 13-1 Inspector’s Manual for Hot-Mixed Asphalt and Portland Cement Concrete Pavement Construction   01-01-2013  PDF