Corrosion Prevention & Control (CPC) Source  

Although, the word "corrosion" is most often associated with "rust" and the oxidation of other metals, the Congressional definition of corrosion (10 U.S.C. § 2228) is "the deterioration of a material or its properties due to a reaction of that material with its chemical environment." It is inclusive of the deterioration of all materials, which can be caused through sun exposure, mold and mildew, wind, and other environmental elements.

The CPC Source provides just in time information, training, and knowledge for planners, designers, constructors, and maintainers for assistance in planning, identifying, repairing, or eliminating corrosion during the facilities life cycle. This provides assistance in reducing life-cycle costs, while increasing sustainability, and providing improved durability. Quick access to CPC training, criteria and related resources can be found on the web pages listed below. The attached Facilities Corrosion Impacts on Operations and Mission Table summarizes the impacts of corrosion on various facility categories.

The CPC Checklists Tool contains checklists for assisting in the creation and evaluation of a CPC Program, project development, creating an RFP, establishing a Design Review, Quality Assurance, Contractor Quality Control, and Commissioning Program.

Top: uV degradation of organic coating system, Photo credit: D, CPO
Bottom: Advanced metallic corrosion

CPC Resources
Corrosion Prevention & Control (CPC) Source Overview & the Facilities Life Cycle (FLC)
CPC Source—Training
CPC Source—Checklists
CPC Source—Environmental Severity Classification (ESC)
CPC Source—The Importance of Including Corrosion in the Planning Process
CPC Source—Acquisition Issues
CPC Source—Criteria
CPC Source—Design and Construction Issues
CPC Source—Sustainment, Restoration, Modernization (SRM), Operations and Maintenance (O&M)
CPC Source—Competencies
CPC Source—Technology Transitions Into Criteria
  –  Cathodic Protection
  –  Corrosion Science
  –  Doors
  –  Fencing
  –  Paints and Coatings
  –  Asphalt Concrete and Portland Cement Concrete Pavements
  –  Petroleum Oil Lubricants Storage Distribution Systems
  –  Utilities and Buried Structures
  –  Waterfront and Coastal Structures
  –  Piers and Wharves
  –  Aviation Facilities and Support Structures
Federal Facility Criteria: