FEMA 460 Seismic Considerations for Steel Storage Racks Located in Areas Accessible to the Public  


This report is intended to serve as a stand-alone resource document as well as input for the 2008 update of the NEHRP Recommended Provisions. While a lack of available, nonproprietary research data was a constraint during development of this report, FEMA believes that the Building Seismic Safety Council’s Storage Rack Project Task Group did an excellent job of assembling and assessing data that were available and preparing this report. The guidance contained in this document represents the best retail industry practices observed as well as the recommendations of a panel of distinguished experts in the storage rack and earthquake engineering fields. It is our hope that this guidance will be strongly considered by retail stores and their operators as it will serve to increase the safety of their customers as well as reduce their potential liability. FEMA wishes to express its gratitude to the task group as well as to the Rack Manufacturers Institute (RMI), the Retail Industry Leaders Association, and the other individuals and organizations contributing to this effort.