TM 5-801-10 General Design Criteria to Facilitate the Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities  


The manual is limited to a discussion of design features and criteria which are intended to minimize radiation exposure, reduce remediation costs, and ease implementation of facility radiological decommissioning. Guidance provided is applicable to U.S. Army power reactors, radiographic facilities, medical diagnostic and treatment facilities, medical laboratories, and research and development facilities. Criteria to facilitate maintenance of the facility in a normal operating mode is not within the scope of this document.

However, criteria established for decommissioning may be applicable to operational maintenance This manual also does not address problems which are often associated with the radiological aspects of decommissioning such as nonradioactive waste reduction and disposal requirements by federal and state agencies. General information concerning radiological hazards and source considerations are provided in appendices B and C to provide the reader important background information pertinent to decommissioning.

Federal Facility Criteria: