TM 5-686 Power Transformer Maintenance and Acceptance Testing  


This manual contains a generalized overview of the fundamentals of transformer theory and operation. The transformer is one of the most reliable pieces of electrical distribution equipment. It has no moving parts, requires minimal maintenance, and is capable of withstanding overloads, surges, faults, and physical abuse that may damage or destroy other items in the circuit. Often, the electrical event that burns up a motor, opens a circuit breaker, or blows a fuse has a subtle effect on the transformer. Although the transformer may continue to operate as before, repeat occurrences of such damaging electrical events, or lack of even minimal maintenance can greatly accelerate the eventual failure of the transformer. The fact that a transformer continues to operate satisfactorily in spite of neglect and abuse is a testament to its durability. However, this durability is no excuse for not providing the proper care. Most of the effects of aging, faults, or abuse can be detected and corrected by a comprehensive maintenance, inspection and testing program.

Federal Facility Criteria: