TM 5-626 Unsurfaced Road Maintenance Management  


This manual describes an unsurfaced road maintenance management system for use on military installations. This system is available in either a manual or computerized mode (Micro PAVER). The maintenance standards prescribed should protect Government property with an economical and effective expenditure of maintenance funds commensurate with the functional requirements and the planned future use of the facilities. Because of limited maintenance funds, timely and rational determinations of maintenance and repair (M&R) needs and priorities are very important factors.

These factors can be determined by using the system as described in this manual. The use of the unsurfaced road maintenance management system by personnel who have the responsibility for unsurfaced road maintenance should ensure uniform, economical, and satisfactory unsurfaced area maintenance and repair. When information in this publication varies from that contained in the latest issue of Federal or military specifications, the specifications shall apply. Reference to Federal, Military, or other specifications is to the current issues of these specifications as identified by their basic number(s). It is intended to be used by all Army elements responsible for maintenance and repair (M&R) of unsurfaced roads, streets, parking lots, tank trails, and range roads.

Federal Facility Criteria: