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PWTB 420-46-10 Ultraviolet Radiation for Disinfection of Wastewater Effluent   07-15-1999  PDF
PWTB 420-46-2 Procedure to Detect Water Distribution System Leaks   09-30-1993  PDF
PWTB 420-46-5 Assessment of Nonpoint Source (NPS) Pollution Potential At Military Bases   07-01-1996  PDF
PWTB 420-46-8 Biosolids Management   03-01-1995  PDF
PWTB 420-46-9 Sewer System Infrastructure Analysis and Rehabilitation   03-15-1995  PDF
PWTB 420-47-05 Source Reduction Planning   08-01-1994  PDF
PWTB 420-47-6 Waste Reduction Methods for Food Service Personnel at Army Installations   12-01-1994  PDF
PWTB 420-47-7 Office Waste Reduction Methods at Army Installations   12-01-1994  PDF
PWTB 420-49-10 Application of Trenchless Technology at Army Installations   02-28-1999  PDF
PWTB 420-49-12 Army Recycling Lessons Learned   05-22-2001  PDF
PWTB 420-49-14 Composting for Army Installations   08-15-2000  PDF
PWTB 420-49-16 Cross-Connection Control at Army Installations   07-16-2001  PDF
PWTB 420-49-18 Direct Sale of Recyclables   11-17-2006  PDF
PWTB 420-49-19 The Air Compliance Advisor   07-31-2001  PDF
PWTB 420-49-20 Degradable Plastic Bags for the Collection of Compostable Material   02-28-1999  PDF
PWTB 420-49-21 Boiler Water Treatment: Lessons Learned   11-10-1999  PDF
PWTB 420-49-22 Cooling Water Treatment: Lessons Learned   11-22-1999  PDF
PWTB 420-49-24 Water Treatment Plant Operator Assistance Program Lessons Learned   03-13-2001  PDF
PWTB 420-49-25 Lessons Learned, Operator Assistance Program, Wastewater Treatment   04-30-2001  PDF
PWTB 420-49-26 Lessons Learned, Cross-Connection Control Programs at Army Installations   05-24-2001  PDF
PWTB 420-49-27 Biodegradation of POL-Contaminated Washrack Sludge   03-31-1999  PDF
PWTB 420-49-28 Effect Of Quick Release Detergent On Oil/Water Separators   11-02-1999  PDF
PWTB 420-49-29 Operation And Maintenance Of Cathodic Protection Systems   12-02-1999  PDF
PWTB 420-49-30 Alternatives to Demolition for Facility Reduction   05-24-2001  PDF
PWTB 420-49-31 Lessons Learned at the Fort Sill Central Vehicle Wash Facilities   09-06-1999  PDF
PWTB 420-49-34 Magnetic Water Treatment   06-15-2001  PDF
PWTB 420-49-35 In-Situ Epoxy Coating for Metallic Pipe   06-15-2001  PDF
PWTB 420-49-36 Leak Detection   06-15-2001  PDF
PWTB 420-49-37 Cathodic Protection Anode Selection   06-15-2001  PDF
PWTB 420-49-39 Biological Nutrient Removal   09-01-2001  PDF
PWTB 420-49-5 Industrial Water Treatment Procedures   02-02-1998  PDF
PWTB 420-49-6 The Use of Plastic Plumbing Materials: Lessons Learned   05-31-1996  PDF
PWTB 420-70-2 Installation Lead Hazard Management   02-20-1997  PDF
PWTB 420-70-8 Installation Asbestos Program Management   03-23-1998  PDF
PWTB 420-76-2 Design and Construction of a Pesticide Storage and Mix Facility   09-30-1997  PDF
TN 420-10-9 Facilities Engineering Management - Requesting Maintenance and Repair Project Approval Using the DD 1391 Processor System   03-01-1992  PDF