PWTB 200-3-49 Range Repository and Guidance for Planning and Siting: Environmental Considerations for Military Installations  


This Public Works Technical Bulletin (PWTB) transmits information on how range design and the environment can influence the siting of ranges on military installations. It will convey information encompassing primary environmental factors influencing siting, planning, design, construction, and operation and maintenance (O&M). This PWTB was prepared to address elements commonly found on training ranges that have high potential for environmental degradation. In addition, it provides checklists to promote avoidance of many common compliance-related pitfalls associated with sustained use of range design elements. This PWTB also identifies multiple resources to assist the installation with site selection criteria (e.g., regulations, erosion control, and construction site best management practices [BMPs]). Lastly, the AutoCADD® repository of unique range designs is provided in a navigable webpage that provides a lessons-learned unique forum for people involved in range design, planning, and siting.