PWTB 200-1-99 Development and Evaluation of Compost Mulch Best Management Practices for Erosion Control  


This Public Works Technical Bulletin (PWTB) transmits information on compost mulch best management practices (BMP) for erosion control. Composted byproduct materials such as wood fiber mulch and garden/landscape compost from
municipal and military land management activities can provide a cost-effective method for erosion control and vegetation establishment while reducing landfill waste and impacts to water quality. These composted materials can provide a rapid method for erosion control when used as a blanket or as a check dam.1 This PWTB focuses on using compost wood fiber mulch (shredded and screened) as a BMP, and it also provides results and lessons learned from a side-by-side evaluation of composted mulch treatments. These lessons will provide natural resource and training land managers with a unique capability for cost-effective erosion control.