PWTB 200-1-150 Multinational Analysis of Military Vehicle Impacts and Regulartory Pressures on Training Land Management   


To gain strategic insight into effective and efficient land management practices, this Public Works Technical Bulletin (PWTB) documents how certain U.S.-allied nations have dealt with challenges related to intensified human development, encroachment, soil conservation, climate change, and ecosystem management on their military training lands. The opportunities identified and lessons learned are presented to enable the U.S. Army to save money, optimize co-land utilization, and preserve training land resources long-term. Innovative technologies may have been developed in other countries to deal with more stringent regulations, and this project reviews applicable foreign solutions, identifies solutions for use within the U.S. Army, and projects potential up-and-coming regulatory pressures (e.g., proposed new Threatened and Endangered Species [TES] listings). The knowledge gained from this effort may bolster stewardship, enhance land rehabilitation, and promote military training sustainment.