MEDCOM Interior Design Master Plan Vol. 2 - Facility Related Finishes  


Volume 2 of the MEDCOM Interior Design Master Plan addresses the planning, specifications and applications of interior building materials, finishes, lighting, acoustics, Signage and Wayfinding necessary to complete interior architecture features and is considered part of the Structural Interior Design (SID). The recommendations herein provide maximum flexibility, are environmentally friendly, support evidence-based design principles whenever possible, and enhance the building architecture.

The design objectives for Volume 2 are:

  • To introduce MEDCOM standards for interior building materials, finishes and lighting, acoustics and signage. All products support UFC 4-510-01.

  • To provide guidelines for enhancing the facility’s public image and provide a healing environment for patients, visitors and staff.

  • To provide color palettes of typical building products and finishes for use in a healthcare facility. Products are identified in either a warm neutral scheme, a cool neutral scheme or a combined neutral scheme for main building finish selections. Accent colors are identified that can be used in combination for a full spectrum color range or used individually. Accent colors are to be used judiciously on items that can be easily replaced over time.

  • To provide information on products that aid in infection prevention, sustainability, evidence-based design and life safety.

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