MEDCOM Interior Design Master Plan Vol. 1 - Design Philosophy and Application  


The MEDCOM Interior Design Master Plan is a comprehensive and standardized approach for all Army MEDCOM projects that require interior design services. The MEDCOM Interior Design Master Plan is comprised of four volumes. Each Volume responds to earlier findings in specific interior elements. These responses include discussions, photos, drawings, design philosophy, recommendations and suggested products which illustrate the benchmark of quality desired for MEDCOM finishes, furnishings and accessories. The guidelines included in the MEDCOM Interior Design Master Plan facilitate the design, procurement and maintenance processes by providing product information, specification and guidelines for replacement, remodeling and renovation space.

Each Volume is organized for ease of use and updating: Volume 1 addresses Design Philosophy and Application; Volume 2 addresses Facility Related Finishes, including Signage and Wayfinding; Volume 3 addresses Furniture and Finishes, Accessories and Artwork; and Specialty Areas; Volume 4 includes back-up documentation and White Papers. Volumes 1, 2, and 3 contain the following: Narrative, Products with specifications, and Application Guidelines. The header and side bar of each page (Volume 1-4) contain the following information: The volume is represented by color; the side bar title and number in the header box represent the section; the subsection is located next to the header box with the number changing to represent the subsection; the subcategory to the subsection is located under the subsection title next to the header box. All Volumes begin with a new numbering system to facilitate future modifications.

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