CAD/BIM Technology Center  

Computer-aided design (CAD) and building information modeling (BIM) are creating new opportunities for architects, engineers, and building owners. The CAD/BIM Technology Center explores new CAD and BIM technologies for facilities, infrastructure, and environment within DoD.

Center activities runs the gamut of CAD and BIM, including setting standards, promoting system integration, and providing assistance for the installation, training, operation, and maintenance of CAD and BIM systems.

The Center staff consists of professionals with extensive experience in the use of CAD and BIM technology for solving complex problems related to:

  • facility management
  • natural and cultural resources
  • planning
  • civil works functions

Staff members also assist sites in implementing the Architectural/Engineering/Construction (A/E/C) CAD Standard, as well as the Corps' Corporate Template Dataset for BIM.

The Center has received two Vice President's Hammer Awards for Excellence in Reinvention of Government. We have also shared in earning a Fully Integrated and Automated Technology (FIATECH) Celebration of Engineering & Technology Innovation (CETI) award in 2008 for the project "U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Moves Forward with Building Information Modeling."

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