AFCEC MILCON Change Order Management Plan  


Approved change orders are contract modifications issued after award and are funded from available contingency funds. The HQ USAF/A7CP -AFCEE Management Plan for the Air Force Capital Construction Program (1 Jun 11) policy for managing capital construction projects is to limit contract cost growth and construction impacts by intensively managing contract changes. A maximum 5% contingency is provided for unforeseen site conditions and other project critical changes that arise. Funds are managed by providing an initial 2% contingency, with the additional 3% held in management reserve to be provided to the agent when the 2% funds are exhausted. Strict financial control is affected in order to limit cost growth on each project.

Changes can be identified by customers, support agencies, Base Civil Engineer (BCE) Staff, the Construction Agent (CA), Major Commands (MAJCOMs) or the construction contractor for a multitude of reasons. These stakeholders share interest in the success of the project and are a source for valid project changes. AFCEC/CF Project Managers (AFCEC PM) lead these Project Delivery Teams (PDT) to effectively manage changes within project delivery schedule and budget. Judicious management controls are necessary to ensure change orders minimize the impact to cost and schedule.