Design Disciplines  

The Design Disciplines branch outlines how building design and construction professionals practice in the whole building design process. This process requires all disciplines to coordinate, interact, and integrate issues throughout the life cycle of the project, to achieve a holistic solution with multiple benefits. A discussion of each Design Discipline's professional services, legal definition, roles and responsibilities in the integrated design process, and related resources are presented. Design professionals are encouraged to review other Design Discipline pages to better understand their roles and responsibilities so that all will be able to work together more effectively, identify gaps and omissions, and resolve issues in an integrated manner.

If you are a certified or licensed building design and construction professional and would like to develop a Design Discipline page for any of the following disciplines, please contact us for more information:

Acoustical Engineering
Blast Resistance
Building Enclosure
Historic Preservation

LEED® Accreditation
Seismic Engineering
Site Engineering
Soils Engineering
Space Planning
Waste Management