Window Film Fundamentals  

Education Type: 
1 Hour


AIA Learning Units: 
1 LU

Architectural window film is a retrofit product designed to enhance glass performance. It is a polyester film construction generally made of Polyethylene Teraphthalate (PET). Most films are applied to the interior surface of a glass window in a home, commercial building, or vehicle. They have a scratch resistant coating on the outer surface to protect the film.

There are many types of window films. Some are clear and feature multiple layers of PET to offer protection from shattering glass; others are tinted with metals, dyes, or pigments to reduce the visible light transmitted through the glass, and block heat coming through from the sun. There are even decorative window films that can replicate the look of frosted glass or etched patterns. This course will provide an overview to the various approaches to using window films to achieve different goals and outcomes.

Learning Objectives

By completing this course you will learn and be able to:

  • Understand the technology of window film;
  • Explain window film and its effect on solar energy management;
  • Evaluate a film's solar optical properties; and
  • Recall the effects of window film on ENERGY STAR and LEED Building Certification.